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  The IDzMedia Publisher Program is an actively growing affiliate network focusing on customer acquisition and pay-for-performance online advertising campaigns. Our over 4,500 publishers deliver millions of leads/sales every year for our global advertisers. IDzMedia supports campaigns via display, search, social media, incentive, mobile, email and Content Unlocker channels.

Established in 2005, IDzMedia has continued to provide timely publisher payments, competitive payouts and advanced tracking via our internally designed software and network platform. We also design unique and profitable advertising solutions for publishers like the Content Unlocker, which we originated.


Terms and Conditions for Publishers

With a vast array of offers, publishers are guaranteed campaigns that will appeal to their site visitors, exciting creatives and payouts that will appeal to their pockets.

Monetize your content site by using our Content Unlocker API to "lock" your exclusive content. Once users complete an offer, the content is unlocked and made accessible. Perfect for video and humor sites, avatar and social network application/widget sites, IQ and friendship tests and more!

Public Information Sheet on Content Unlocker API
Viewable Demo of Content Unlocker API


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Our roster of strong affiliates will bring quality traffic to the products and services that you sell. With low transaction fees, your risk outlay is small compared to the publicity that you can get.

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